Hi, everyone, my name is Michelle Arnott and I have been enjoying stained glass as a hobby for over 20 years! My hobby became my business almost 3 years ago after I met my husband, Brian, who also happens to be into glass but in a very different way. We opened Diamond Rock Glass Studio in June of 2017 where I have been teaching classes and sharing my passion for glass. In March of 2020, I had to close my business temporarily just like many other small businesses due to the government mandates surrounding COVID19. It was during this time that I decided if I cannot share my love of glass with you at my studio, I will then bring my studio projects and ideas to you in your home. Many people are not getting out as much as they are used to or would like to be, so I really hope that I can reach out and share this hobby with you that can bring you hours of enjoyment, reward and satisfaction. With my virtual videos, I walk you through each project step by step beginning with my very first video which carefully covers in detail, every step from start to finish. This is a great video if you have never cut glass before, OR if you cut glass in the past and need a refresher! At the end of each video, I will introduce a kit that will include everything you need to make each particular project. 

 I am also looking forward to creating a community of glass artists on this web page where we can all share ideas and our creations. Thank you for visiting my Website. Please feel free to contact me on my contact page with any questions, feedback, etc. Have a great day!


Remember when I said that my husband Brian is also into glass but in a very different way? Well, he crushes recycled glass to make sandblast for his sandblast business. During the process of making sandblast, one of the byproducts can be glass landscape mulch with no sharp edges that sparkles like diamonds. So, Brian began selling this beautiful recycled glass landscape mulch and called it Diamond Rock. When I met Brian, I began using his diamomd rock in my glass mosaics. Hence the name, Diamond Rock Glass Studio




Diamond Rock Glass Studio is excited to introduce it's new series of Virtual Videos to teach you how to do stained glass at home! Even if you have never cut glass before, the first video will walk you through everything that you need to know.  In addition, after each video, you will have the option to order everything you need to make the project at home!!  Thank you for joining me to learn how this incredible hobby will fill your days with so much enjoyment and reward!  This is a hobby that is so addictive and you will be able to create true masterpieces limited only by your imagination!  Get ready to enjoy a great journey learning about stained glass and some of the endless ideas and possibilities with me!

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