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12X10 inch Homasote Board

GlassPro All-Steel Running Pliers

Glasspro Grozer

Toyo Comfort Grip Supercutter

Practice Glass

Pattern (2 copies)

Stained Glass for two complete projects of patter included (Glass varies)

Hakko 503 Red Soldering Iron

Studio Pro Iron Stand

Glasspro 60/40 Solder (1lb)

Black Back Foil (7/32) by 3M

Paste Flux by Nokorode (1.7oz)

Flux Brush

CJs Flux Remover (8oz)

Liva Stained Glass Polish (12oz)

Black Patina by NOVACAN (8oz)


Foil Roller/Burnisher

Bonus: Free Star Kit with Bevel ($12.00 value)

Complete Home Studio Kit

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