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12X10 inch Homasote Board

GlassPro All-Steel Running Pliers

Glasspro Grozer

Toyo Comfort Grip Supercutter

Practice Glass

Pattern (2 copies)

Stained Glass for two complete projects of patter included (Glass varies)

Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron

Studio Pro Iron Stand

Glasspro 60/40 Solder (1lb)

Black Back Foil (7/32) 

Paste Flux by Nokorode (1.7oz)

Flux Brush

CJs Flux Remover (8oz)

Liva Stained Glass Polish (12oz)

Black Patina by NOVACAN (8oz)


Foil Roller/Burnisher

Bonus: Free Star Kit with Bevel ($12.00 value)

Complete Home Studio Kit with upgraded soldering iron

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